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Once upon a time, there lives a little boy with great imagination. He loves reading stories, drawing pictures and playing games with his friends. One day something strange happened and he began to live in a new world that he saw in his dreams long ago...


Kylie Johnston

White Cellar Door

Old English Co

Location: Mt. Leconte, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN
I’ve been working on updating my portfolios, and I found this photo from several years ago.  
The lodge on Mt. Leconte is the only place that you can spend the night in GSMNP without bringing your own tent.  To get there, you have to hike up one of several trails, 5-7 miles, depending which you choose.  It’s completely isolated, in fact, all of their food and supplies are brought in weekly on the backs of llamas, which happen to be much better suited to the task than horses or motorized vehicles.  I spent a night up there at the invitation of a friend of mine who runs the lodge, but if you want to go you’ll need to make a reservation up to a year in advance.  Leconte Lodge
Canon Rebel XT + Photoshop
Edit: Now available as a Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

Alesya Zubik

International Scout | SeanMetcalf gallery.oxcroft.com

Lily & Val

Barney (by Alex Hannam)